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File extension TPS is a Clarion TopSpeed Data File. View the File extension TPS details and find the best Data Files supported software SoftVelocity Clarion, Code'n'Web TexturePacker to open .tps file.

Name: File Extension .tps
Popularity: Popularity of File Extension TPS
Type: Data Files
Updated Time: Sep 25, 2012

What is File Extension TPS

TPS file is a database file used by Clarion TopScan or TopSpeed. The file saves data as a flat file, which records one entry per line, with fields separated by spaces or commas.

TPS files can be read by Clarion software and by programs that support SoftVelocity's TopSpeed ODBC driver.

Clarion is a commercial, 4GL, object-orientated, programming language and Integrated Development Environment from SoftVelocity used to program database applications.

When Clarion file loaded, you may save the data to different file formats: CSV, Text, HTML, XML, MS Excel, MS Access, SPSS, SQL etc, or copy to clipboard.

Open TPS files on Windows

  • Clarion viewer
  • SoftVelocity Clarion
  • Database program with TPS ODBC driver

TPS file may also refer to

1. Multi Channel measurement setting and data storage file - TPS file extension is used to store data recorded with TiePie Multi Channel software. Measurement setting and data storage file.

Open TPS files on Windows

  • TiePie Multi Channel measurement software

TPS converter

2. Crazy Talk Expression Script File - CrazyTalk can transform photos and images into talking animated characters and bring them to life with real-time puppeteering; turning any PC into a face animation movie studio.

Open TPS onWindows

3. Supposed Compressed Torrent File - is scam file with .zip or .rar compression, be careful files in this "torrent file" could redirected users to sites with full of ads, trojan, malware. Use anti-virus software.

Open TPS onWindows
4. Micro Perfect file - TPS files is used by Micro Perfect applications.

5. WN16 DICT file - This entry was verified by team.In time of research, there was not any internet resource to find out what kind of file type it is.

Open File Extension TPS

If your computer cannot determine which program to open .tps file, it means that you donnot have the related software which can open file extension TPS, here provides the programs to open .tps File on Windows and Mac. such as , , Data Files supported software. If your know some programs can open TPS file, edit TPS file, play TPS file, convert TPS file that donnot included in the list, please let us know.

Open File Extension TPS on Windows platformWindows platform
Recommended software Software Functions Supported Files
SoftVelocity Clarion can help open file extension TPSSoftVelocity Clarion SoftVelocity Clarion is an useful software to help you open .tps file extension on Windows. .TPS
Open File Extension TPS on Mac platformMac platform
Recommended software Software Functions Supported Files
Code'n'Web TexturePacker can help open file extension TPSCode'n'Web TexturePacker Code'n'Web TexturePacker is an useful software to help you open .tps file extension on Mac .TPS

Fix File Extension TPS Errors

The common file extension TPS errors are computer screen flooded with a myriad of file error messages, unable to open a .tps file, unable to launch an application because one or more application files are either missing or corrupt. TPS file become corrupted and must be repaired before you can view it. There are 3 simple steps to fix file extension TPS Corruption Errors.

1. Using TPS File Repair Software - these easy-to-use tools are quite helpful to open .tps file, you can find the recommended tools above on this page.

2. Run a malware scan - Restart Windows in Safe Mode and perform a thorough malware scan, or you can also updating your security tool and scheduling regular malware.

3. Clean your registry - Errors in the registry are the biggest cause of incorrect file associations, run a Free Scan to fix TPS file extension errors Now.