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File Extensions

A File extension, also called a filename extension is usually 3 or more characters at the end of the computer file name. File extensions are useful for Windows or MAC OS, which can tell them what kind of data file it is and with which application associated it is. For example, HTML documents are identified by names that end with .htm (or .html), and GIF images by .gif may associated with photoshop.

There are over tens of thousands of file extensions at present, and it is not possible to know them all, when you met a unknown file type and you want to know what is and need open it, search the file name first, then choose the correct program to open it on your computer.

Common File ExtensionsNew Added Files

File Extensions File Description Functions Supported Software
File Extension PDFPDF Portable Document Format File PDF ImporterPDF CreatorPDF Printer Adobe ReaderAdobe Acrobat X
File Extension APKAPK Android Package File APK CreatorAPK ManagerAPK Downloader BlueStacks App Player for WindowsALLPlayer
File Extension DATDAT Data File DAT ViewerDAT WriterDAT Combiner Adobe AuthorwareFantasyDVD Player
File Extension RARRAR WinRAR Compressed Archive RAR SaverRAR ViewerRAR Extractor WinRARSmartRAR
File Extension DBDB Database File DB SaverDB CreatorDB Viewer DB audio mixer editorGorilla SQL
File Extension EPUBEPUB Open eBook File EPUB CreatorEPUB ReaderEPUB Exporter Adobe Digital EditionsCalibre
File Extension MP4MP4 MPEG-4 Video File MP4 SplitterMP4 BurnerMP4 Repair Microsoft Windows Media PlayerVLC media player
File Extension JPGJPG JPEG Image JPG ViewerJPG ImporterJPG Creator PhotoScapePS3 Media Server
File Extension 7Z7Z 7-Zip Compressed File 7Z Splitter7Z Backup7Z Compressor Corel WinZip 16 ProThe Unarchiver
File Extension EXEEXE Windows Executable File EXE ExtractorEXE CreatorEXE Recovery 7-zipQuickTime
File Extension DLLDLL Dynamic Link Library DLL ViewerDLL ImporterDLL Removal VLC Media PlayerMeshLab
File Extension DOCDOC Microsoft Word Document DOC ViewerDOC PrinterDOC Recovery Microsoft Word
File Extension DOCXDOCX Microsoft Word Open XML Document DOCX ViewerDOCX PrinterDOCX Combiner Microsoft Word
File Extension BINBIN Binary Disc Image BIN ReaderBIN BurnerBIN Extractor PowerISOAnyToISO
File Extension TXTTXT Plain Text File TXT ReaderTXT PrinterTXT Writer Microsoft Word 2010Bookpedia
File Extension 3GA3GA 3GPP Audio File 3GA Editor3GA Player3GA Converter QuickTimeVLC media player
File Extension RMVBRMVB RealMedia Variable Bit Rate File RMVB ReaderRMVB SplitterRMVB Merger RealPlayerSPlayerX
File Extension MP3MP3 MP3 Audio File MP3 SaverMP3 RecorderMP3 Ringtone Maker foobar2000VLC media player
File Extension XLSXLS Excel Spreadsheet XLS ViewerXLS CreatorXLS Recovery Microsoft Excel
File Extension KEYKEY Keynote Presentation KEY ViewerKEY ImporterKEY Generator

File Extensions File Description Category Updated Time
File Extensions OBB.OBB Google Android opaque... Other Files Dec 26, 2012
File Extensions YADPCM.YADPCM Raw Yamaha 4-bit ADPCM... Audio Files Dec 15, 2012
File Extensions X0A.X0A Yamaha Motif XS 'all' format Other Files Dec 15, 2012
File Extensions X0V.X0V Yamaha Motif XS 'voices'... Other Files Dec 15, 2012
File Extensions X0W.X0W Yamaha Motif XS 'waveforms'... Other Files Dec 15, 2012
File Extensions X3A.X3A Yamaha Motif XF 'all' format. Other Files Dec 15, 2012
File Extensions X3V.X3V Yamaha Motif XF 'voices'... Other Files Dec 15, 2012
File Extensions ODT.ODT OpenDocument Text Document Text Files Dec 14, 2012
File Extensions EPUB.EPUB Open eBook File Data Files Dec 14, 2012
File Extensions ITHMB.ITHMB iPod and iPhone Photo... Graphics/Image Files Dec 13, 2012
File Extensions PPT.PPT PowerPoint Presentation Data Files Dec 11, 2012
File Extensions PDF.PDF Portable Document Format File Graphics/Image Files Dec 6, 2012
File Extensions MP3.MP3 MP3 Audio File Audio Files Nov 16, 2012
File Extensions DOC.DOC Microsoft Word Document Audio Files Nov 9, 2012
File Extensions EFSREFS Resilient File System System Files Oct 22, 2012
File Extensions R06.R06 Norton Ghost rar file Backup Files Oct 18, 2012
File Extensions CSV.CSV Comma Separated Values File Data Files Oct 15, 2012
File Extensions XBP.XBP Unknown or unassigned file... Other Files Oct 12, 2012
File Extensions XBK.XBK XenServer Backup File Other Files Oct 12, 2012
File Extensions XBI.XBI Unknown or unassigned file... Other Files Oct 12, 2012